Protect Sensitive Data from Rogue Users and Compromised User Accounts

About Lepide

At Lepide, we come to work every day because we want to make it easier for companies to secure their sensitive data. We believe that the best way to do this is through a data-centric audit & protection based strategy. We see many organizations taking an outside-in approach to their security, and we think this needs to change.

We develop our data security solutions to help organizations achieve enterprise-level data security regardless of their size, sector or budget. We want to operate as partners with our customers to help them achieve their data security goals. We’re honest and realistic about what we do well and we don’t believe in pressure or fear-based selling.

We also don’t take ourselves too seriously. Data security doesn’t have to be boring…

Lepide Product

We enable you to detect and investigate threats to your most sensitive data in ways no other vendor can. Bringing together data discovery and classification with threat detection enables you to investigate all events, changes, actions and anomalies with context. End to end visibility of Active Directory, Group Policy, File Servers, Office 365, NetApp, SharePoint, Box, Dropbox and more.

Detect & Respond

to Threats Fast

Reduce Your Attack

Surface Instantly

Solve Governance

& Compliance Issues

Detect and Respond to Security Threats 10x Faster

Investigate threats as they emerge in Active Directory and track movement and their interaction with your most sensitive data wherever it’s stored. Detailed auditing, anomaly detection and content scanning.

Instantly Reduce Your Attack Surface

Get instant visibility of your most at-risk sensitive data. Identify over privileged users, over exposed data and highest risk employees. Get real time alerts when changes are made that widen your attack surface.

Detect Threats to Data Wherever It Lies

Lepide is best in class when it comes to platform coverage. Whether your data resides on-premise or in the cloud, Lepide can help you keep it secure.

Integrate with Your Favorite Apps and Solutions

Enterprise Scalability

Functionality-orientated architecture means you can apply isolated resources directly to the area of risk or focus at that time. Making Lepide the most scalable Data Security Platform for enterprises in the market today.